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Mast for Wind Turbines Antaris - 12m

12m Mast
  • This mast can be used for the 5.5KW, 7.5KW and the 12KW Antaris Wind Turbines
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12m Mast

Mast for Wind Turbines Antaris - 12m

  • This mast can be used for the 5.5KW,, 7.5KW  and 12KW Antaris Wind Turbines


The maximum energy to be extracted from the wind increases with the third power of the wind speed.

This means that when the wind speed doubles the energy harvest eightfold.

When tripled, the power of the wind increases 27 times!

it is important to find an optimal location for the wind turbine with good wind conditions

Please read the entire assembly instructions completely before planning the assembly date and then plan the individual steps depending on the possibilities and conditions on site.

The installation can be done very easily with a truck crane or from a lifting platform. If not possible, you can operate the system with a swiveling auxiliary crane with pulley mounted on the mast head or put a pulley block on the mast.

If there is no possibility, a crane or a lifting platform, a foldable mast can also be used.

Alternatively, a tubular pole that sits on the ground mounted horizontally over a jin tree.

For some screws it will be self-locking nuts used with a plastic insert. These nuts are for single use only certainly!

If the device is used several times, the self-locking property is lost and thus stops.

Always use a new nut with an undamaged plastic insert without the visible impression of the thread. Use only stainless screws for the stainless screws washers and stainless nuts as well as suitable tools.

Work on the electrical installation may only be carried out by a qualified electrician. The assembly of the installation is simple, but should only be carried out with appropriate professional experience.

For assembly you essentially only need standard tools and one torque wrench.

The underground cable from the main switch at the bottom of the mast to the feed-in converter is not included in the scope of delivery.

You will find the necessary ones for the screws of the mast wrench sizes and tightening torques in its documentation.

Mostly be freestanding masts are used. After the mast has been screwed to the foundation machine carrier, generator and rotor mounted one after the other on top of the mast.

If only one lift is available, the machine carrier should be used for reasons of maximum load capacity and generator are mounted separately from each other. With a crane the weight is no more
crucial, so that the machine frame and generator are bolted together on the floor should be. Alternatively, the entire mast can be placed on the floor system (without repeller blades and gondola housing) or this with the mast
be folded up or pulled up.

Please select one based on the local conditions suitable assembly sequence.

The following illustrations of several projects will give you here are some notes on the different options.

The commissioning and maintenance obligations book contains a checklist that must be checked before the first commissioning.



12m Mast


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Mast for Wind Turbines Antaris - 12m

  • This mast can be used for the 5.5KW, 7.5KW and the 12KW Antaris Wind Turbines

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